Free Confederate Community


    The Free Confederate Community, or FCC, is a group of nations which were formerly part of the Free Confederacy of Lendian Republics (FCLR). The FCLR was broken apart by referendum into a number of smaller states. At present, some of the former FCLR states have not yet emerged with one central, stable government, so not all of them are represented in the FCC, although they will most likely be invited to join the Community when they rejoin the international community.


   At present, the Free Confederate Community consists of five full member states and one observer state. The full members are: the United Kingdom of Caboteniasa, the Lendosan Confederation, the Republic of Eastern Delgamia, the Federal Republic of Neoliliana and Western Gorami, and the United People's Republic of the Maritim Islands. It is expected that Dignania will join as a full member when the internal conflicts there are resolved, and West Uhlan, Couatl, and Melga all have the option to apply. Several other states, including Zartania, Estontetso, and Christiana may apply for observer status within the Free Confederate Community. At present, the only observer state is the Greater Burovian Realm.

The symbol of the Free Confederate Community is a curved starburst, as seen at the top of this page. In addition, the FCC has a flag and a seal for displaying in member nations. They are displayed below.

Flag of the Free Confederate Community

Seal displayed by Confederate nations

Seal displayed by observer states


Section One: Name & Insignia
    Article 1: This organization shall be known as the Free Confederate Community, abbreviated to FCC. Its insignia will be a six-pointed starburst, unattached at the center, with the outer ends curved clockwise around the center.
   Article 2: The flag of the Free Confederate Community shall be brown, with five black stripes running horizontaly at the top and bottom of the flag, decreasing in size as they go inwards, with a black outline of the starburst symbol in the center.
   Article 3: The official seal of the Free Confederate community will be a brown/orange background, bearing the starburst symbol and the text "FCC".

Section Two: Statement of Intent
    Article 1: Member nations will form a discussion forum for international affairs, as a medium with which to express public support or condemnation of foreign nations or their actions.
    Article 2: Member nations will establish cultural missions to other league members.
    Article 3: Member nations will begin the gradual introduction of a passport union between members meeting minimum requirements.
    Article 4: Member nations will begin the gradual introduction of a free labour market between members meeting minimum requirements.
    Article 5: Member nations will form a discussion forum for environmental matters.

Section Three: Decisions
    Article 1: Decisions by the League affecting the internal affairs of member nations are to be made through unanimous vote. Other decisions to be made by 2/3 vote of membership at time of vote.

Section Four: Exceptions
    Article 1: Member states dissenting with Confederate policy will be eligible to opt out of common decisions, policy or declarations.
    Article 2: The Commumity shall not in any way interfere with the internal affairs and domestic issues of member nations.

Section Five: Membership
    Article 1: Full Membership will be offered to sovereign governments of the territories currently named: Lendia, Piolhosa, West Uhlan, Neoliliana, Caboteniasa, Dignania, Eastern Delgamia, Lombriga, Fileminhon, the Noteraland Islands, and the Maritim Islands.
    Article 2: Observer status only will be offered to any foreign governments which contain at least some of the terrirory named in Section 5 Article 1.
    Article 3: Membership will be offered to new governments only by the decision of the other Community member nations.
    Article 4: Offers of membership to new states may be vetoed by any existing, active member.
    Article 5: A simple majority (50%) vote allows a country to join the Commonwealth (unless vetoed).

Section Six: Change in Status
    Article 1: Any change to this constitution requires a unanimous vote of all current members.

Space Agency

    The Free Confederate Community also maintains and operates most of what remains of the former FCLR space program. This is carried out through the Free Confederate Community Space Agency, or the FCCSA. The official website of the FCCSA may be found by following this link.